Friday, 14 October 2016

Suleiman II

I am reading about the planet Suleiman but finding that I have posted about it before. See here. However, I have also found some previously unnoticed details:

local gravity is 40% greater than Terrestrial although trading post staff are protected inside their compound's forcefield;

the air recycler in Dalmady's airsuit must cope with the hydrogen that seeps through everything (in "A Little Knowledge," the problem is helium seeping through everything);

the planetary core is overlaid by ice mixed with rock and  "...penetrated by tilted metal-poor strata." (The Van Rijn Method, p. 527);

because the planetary radius is 17,000 kilometers, Dalmady cannot discern the horizon of the ammonia sea through the red mist;

the city has an elaborate pattern but no streets;

the culture is fireless and neolithic;

most traffic is pedestrian;

animals, draught or ridden, are vaguely dinosaur-like;

Dalmady hears wind, waves, feet and wagons;

Suleimanites do not talk casually but do communicate continually by gesture, fur ripples and scents;

their year equals twelve and a half Terrestrial;

Suleimanites provide labor, saving the cost of automatic machinery, and are becoming dependent on metal, plastic and energy-cell trade goods.

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