Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Alfzar is the main planet of the Betelgeusian System. Dank red mist smelling of wet iron drifts through an open bedroom window at Betelgeuse-rise. A horn blows, reminding readers of the Terrestrial past as they try to imagine an interstellar future.

Alfzarians and their Terran and Merseian guests, each seated in a one-person airjet armed with a needle beam energy projector in the nose, hunt ten meter long, leather-winged Borthudian dragons with light bodies, high-energy metabolisms and steel-rending teeth that can open an airjet's fuselage.

The landscape below is unearthly and mountainous with gaunt peaks, canyons and snow reddened by the sun but is not described in as much detail as we would have liked.

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