Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nyanza III

Most parts of Nyanza are permanently underwater, like Uhunhu. However, many of the populated areas are tidal. The domes and towers of Jairnovaunt stand on rocks that are above water at low tide but meters under at high tide. At the latter times, an approaching ship must steer between buoys to an anchored floating dock from which those visiting or returning to the city swim down with aqualungs. On the dock, fish are unloaded, sails are repaired and engines are overhauled while sailors not otherwise engaged make music and dance.

Members of the Jairnovaunt House of Men and Congress of Women are not professional politicians but aristocrats and ship owners with some ship's officers elected to represent the commons. Aristocrats inherit responsibilities. For example, the Lightmistress of Little Skua must maintain lightships and communications around the reef of Skua.

The inner moon raises tides up to nine times a Terran high and orbits five times in sixty hours, thus causing a rapid ebb when water roars and tumbles from rock. The outer moon has a weaker effect without dangerous whirlpools but nevertheless also submerges the city.

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