Sunday, 22 June 2014


Nyanza is a humanly colonized terrestroid planet with:

two moons;
one ocean;
no continents;
one medium-sized, forested island, Altla;
on Altla, one ancient city with a spaceport, sea docks and an Imperial resident housed in a mansion surrounded by tenements;
many rocks and reefs submerged by high tides;
regularly submerged buildings with airlocks;
an advanced model aqualung with a transparent helmet and a battery electrolyzing oxygen from water and diluting it with compressed helium;
large submarines;
radically hydrodynamic sailing craft;
African-descended Nyanzans fishing, hunting or ranching the ocean; 
caucausoid "Technicians" on Altla processing sea water, sea weed, sea food etc in exchange for metal, fuel, synthetics and engines;
a complex Nyanzan society that will have to be summarized in another post.

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