Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Scothani Empire

The Scothani Empire:

about 100 planetary systems;
tribute in raw materials, manufactured goods or specialized labor;
client states helped towards industrial revolution and planetary unification;
planning war on the Terran Empire;
objectives - plunder and planets already made habitable;
nobles need war for personal glory;
commons cannot prosper at home under anti-commercial aristocracy;
holy racial destiny unites nobles and commons;
will attack during next Imperial internal crisis;
might then win major concessions;
three billion Scothani, two thirds in artificial environments or on conquered planets.


turbulent seas under three small moons;
united by the Frithian kings a century ago;
pollution avoided by moving industry into space;
contraception free;
children taxed or enslaved, which favors the wealthier Frisians;
the capital, Iuthagaar, has sprawled down from a mountain stronghold into a kilometers-wide metal city.

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