Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Ramnuan System

A nearby supernova destroyed an entire planetary system except for the dwarf primary, the core of a superjovian and fragments of its three largest moons, now called Fathermoon, Mothermoon and Childmoon by dwellers on the solid surface of the former superjovian.

innermost moon;
featureless metal (no meteors left in the system);
Port Luang, scientific base comprising domes, hemicylinders, masts, dishes and a spacefield.

middle moon;
massive enough for mountain-formation.

outermost moon;
sharp-edged mountains;
Port Asmundsen, industrial base, mining metal from the exposed core.

the planet;
inhabited (see previous posts);
Dukeston, Hermetian commercial base run by General Enterprises, extracting hardwood and an antibiotic from a sulfur-rich marsh and mining palladium and other minerals in the Chromatic Hills;
five thousand kilometers away, Wainwright Station, run for several centuries by the Ramnu Research Foundation, for studying the Ramnuans, including by several full sensory links.

Making Oneness
Ramnuans lose themselves in dance, music and chant until they and the world no longer have names, then sleep to wake renewed, comforted, strengthened and inwardly peaceful. Is this sub- or supra-rational? It sounds like the former to me.

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