Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Altai ("Golden"):

is a planet of the yellow-orange star Krasna ("Red");
is ringed like Saturn;
has two moons;
has three quarters Earth gravity;
has polar ice on most of the northern hemisphere and much of the southern hemisphere and no oceans;
has bronze and gold steppe and tundra with large lakes between the ice;
was humanly colonized seven centuries before Flandry's time;
is ruled, by the Kha Khan of All the Tribes, from Ulan Baligh on Ozero Rurik, a lake formed by the southward flowing rivers, Zeya and Talyma;
rotates in thirty five hours but the adapted colonists eat four or five meals a day;
is both isolated and isolationist;
however, trades with Betelgeuse and receives military hardware from Merseia;
also has aerial, ice-dwelling natives.

There is more information about Altai and this post will be added to.

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