Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ramnuan Miscellania

Before disappearing to Scotland for a week, let me note some more details about Ramnu.

The meter-high Ramnuans' rigid torso and high pelvic circle make them squat rather than bend in their planet's high gravity, seven Terrestrials. Consequently, gestation is short and the young, born small, are carried in pouches by adults of either sex.

A Ramnuan's vanes are muscular tissue with sensory input and a rippling body language mostly incomprehensible to human beings, like an Ythrian's feathers. When Yewwl and her companions spy in Dukeston, they are suspected and arrested because they cannot conceal their tension.

Ramnuans around Wainwright Station live in the large, shared territory of a clan whereas those around Dukeston live in families, each with a surname and a single patch of land. Thus, Yewwl's band meets a prospector called Ayon Orresa'ul.

As on Merseia, Anderson imagines not only an alien biology but also cultural differences within the alien species. 

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